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Yvonne Molony O'Caoimh

Yvonne Molony O'Caoimh is an Irish artist, living and working in Dublin.

She studied at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin, and graduated in Art and Design Education in 1982. As an artist she is interested primarily in the media of painting and photography.

In 1996, Yvonne held her first solo exhibition in Dublin. The exhibition captured the wonders of the Burren region in the West of Ireland, with its landscapes of limestone rock formations and its alpine flora and fauna.

Her second solo exhibition 'Master Class' was held in Dublin in February 2001, on a musical theme.

In 2004 she moved to Luxembourg for thirteen years where she joined an International Women artist's group, with whom she held various exhibitions.

In September 2008, she held her first photographic exhibition, devoted to scenes of Luxembourg, and a second photographic exhibition in October 2011, at the Court of Justice of the European Union, on the theme of the Court's new architecture and in particular its two new golden towers.

Her own exhibition held in 2014, entitled 'The Blue Road', included some forty paintings, depicting the urban rural divide of Luxembourg.

Yvonne spends her summers in the Fanad peninsula of Co. Donegal, North West Ireland where she immerses herself in her artistic pursuits within the peace and beauty of her surrounds. It was here that she held a floral themed exhibition in August 2012.

Constantly curious and infinitely inspired by nature and natural phenomena, angles, reflections, humans and human curiosities, her work never ceases to explore new techniques, approaches, subjects and outlooks, communicating imaginative and playful themes in vivid and striking ways.

Gallery of Work

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